Static Front Page

How to create static Home Page

People using WordPress as a content management system for their website, rather than a blog, will often want to have a static home page, rather than the list of Posts. This is done by going to Settings -> Reading and changing the “Front page displays” setting.

Using Posts to have a ‘latest news’ section

If you follow the guide above you will have a website entirely composed of the pages you create in the WordPress Pages section. The Posts section will not be used at all. But what if you do want to have a part of your website that is regularly updated – perhaps a ‘News’ section, or even a a section called ‘Blog’.

To do this, create a blank page with the relevant title – e.g. News. Don’t enter anything into this page, it’s just a placeholder. All you need is the title. Save it, then go back to Settings -> Reading. There is a drop down box called “Posts page”, and this is where you tell WordPress where your Posts should appear. In the drop down box you will see a list of all your pages – select the one you created as a placeholder and the job is done.

Reading Settings